In the dock, Beckholmen, Stockholm

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Bilder från Östra dockan på Beckholmen. Mer info om Beckholmen – se Beckholmens Dockförenings hemsida

I dockan denna sommar: Galeasen Libra, galeasriggade norska kuttern Jens Kiil (Stockholm) och bramsegelskonaren Vega från Gamleby, Västervik.

Tall ships Libra and Jens Kiil from Stockholm and the schooner Vega from Gamleby, Västervik

in the dock at Beckholmen, Stockholm.


Psychology students are not as politically correct as they think.. they’re wild!

One night as a photographer for the students in Stockholm attending the annual psychology congress in Sweden – PS13

Münchenbryggeriet 18.00

Guards are waiting for the students to arrive

The party committee are thrilled and running around making the lasts arrangements.

Students are starting to arrive and get ambushed by a over-enthusiastic photographer with the assignment to document their evening.

As part-time barrister I make friends with the staff in the kitchen – it’s always good for a photographer to know where I can get my coffe “the fix” for the evening… and also it’s hard not to make new friends while working.

“Hon har blommor i sitt hår…” (she has flowers in her hair) the guard is singing when I make my way between the lobby, preparing my kit, and heading towards the stairs to wait for my first model.

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Where do I find the best light for portraits? I have one hour to figure out before the students sits down for dinner.

“Well, thank you – I guess ONE glass of champagne will just help me relax and do my work better..”

Students are discussing the past days lectures and exchanging experiences from their own hometowns. Now it’s starting to get crowded. With 600 psychology students in one building a reportage-photographer gets “itchy fingers” with all the emotions and interesting discussions going on.

How does a student from a small town close to Borås, the west of Sweden, analyze Stockholmers? What is most exciting during these days, to party with so many different people in the capital of Scandinavia or to discuss the theme of the congress “What are the boundaries?” when does “no” means just “NO” and not yes.

In both restrooms there’s a bowl with condoms. At the mens bathroom the bowl is empty within an hour. The girls are closing in on the bowl first later during the evening.

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“Oh! I have to have a photo of you close to this bowl – you have such a nice green dress that combines well with the condoms…?”

“No, what will my mum say if she sees that picture on facebook!? ‘What did u this weekend!??'”

The waiter is standing by the window, waiting for the students to get settled for dinner. He’s giving me a strange look when I’m closing in with my camera – first I think he might dislike to have his picture being taken.

“I think I recognize u?”

“You do? From where? Do you buy your coffee at Espresso House?”

“You are Kiki, aren’t you?”


“I’m Nuno – from couchsurfing!”

It’s a couchsurfer I wrote with before I left for Uruguay this winter(!) he’s an architect trying his luck in Sweden and this is his first day at work. We never had time to meet before I left on  my reportage-trip and now we’re working at the same event – life works in mysterious ways…

“Here you have my number, call me! Good luck tonight”

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“What’s wrong with the dish?” The chef just have to pour of a bit of oil, he don’t have time to explain and then hands it back to Nuno again.







Crazy times

It’s finally spring in Stockholm. Or is it summer?

It’s been a loong, looong winter for Sweden. I have had the luxury to spend a summer in February-March in Uruguay. When I came back the last of March I thought I’d return just in time for spring, but I was wrong.

April have pasted by with sunny days but cold weather. The returning light tells you that it’s spring but the nature tells you differently, people get confused, animals act strange.

The traffic in Stockholm is crazy, the whole city is under construction at the same time that everyone one are eager to get out in the sun. People want everyithing to be done NOW. At the coffeshop the guests want their café latte to be served even before they’ve had time to place their order. In the street people walk directly out in the traffic “What, I need to cross the street?”. The traffic lights show red, one person start walking, looking down in his smartphone and everyone else follows – if one cross the street it has to mean it’s green light, right?

The last week I think I’ve seen 1-5 people almost getting run over without noticing it.

I thought I was the confused one, coming home from a long trip, the first weeks back home I kept on wondering “what’s wrong with people?” before I realized that the winter have just been toooo long for swedes to handle..

Spring is crazy, the weather is crazy, people are crazy – the only thing that is normal are the students. They are just as crazy as always.

20130506_1077 Crazy Japaneese people taking pictures of japaneese flowers in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.

Chavez is dead

Uruguay, Montevideo 7th of march 2013

Uruguay, Montevideo 7th of march 201320130307_8737


“Long live Chavez, Chavez lives”

Montevideo, Uruguay, the 5th of march 2013.

You usually remember where you where and what you did when you got the news about the death of someone famous. I was in the taxi, leaving the house of my uruguayan aunt in the neighborhood La Union and going to me and my sister’s new apartment in barrio Goes, in Montevideo.

Yesterday (9th of march) when I took the taxi home in the middle of the night the taxista asks me if I know the neighbourhood where I’m going and I notice he pronounce the “allá” (“there”) with th y-sound and not the uruguayan “sh” (asha) –

“Your not from Uruguay right?” – and it feels good not to the be the foreigner for once

“No, I’m from Venezuela”

He asks me where I’m from and I explain my history with Uruguay. I mention that the turbulence in Montevideo bothers me and that the city has become more violent and insecure since I lived here last time in 2009.

“It’s nothing compared to Venezuela” – of course not. But it’s disturbing to see that Uruguay, that has been one of the more secure countries in Latin America, also is changing.

He left Venezuela because of Chavez.

“And now he’s dead”

“Yes, but he’ve left many angry people behind, he robed from the middle class, land and possessions, to give to the poor, taken with violence and has cooperated with gangsters and drug-affairs, there’s much conflicts to come”

I tell him to stop at Palacio legislativo, from there I can find my street – since he doesn’t yet now the area so well. I wanted to hear more about his experience but I have to let him continue his shift. When I walk home I realize I thought of asking him the same question that I’m tired of answering “and why did you come to Uruguay?” I guess he would give me the same answer as I have – by coincidence. Por casualidad.

Nobody choose Uruguay, but then you start loving it. Parts of it. Hopefully he will to, Venezuela will probably not be safe to return to for a while to come…









Palacio Legislativo, Montevideo, Uruguay 2013-03-10



We got caught in paradise… Cabo Polonio y el Viejo Lobo