Moments and just nice, pretty things – 1.Fuck me, sorry for taking your picture

(snapshot from what eventually be part of “Trippin in NYC)

The moment when this old lady comes at me with her crutch “Fuck u, fuck u, FUCK U” – either because I was holding a camera (although I wasn’t filming her or taking pictures at the moment – I’m a sneaky photographer but I won’t put the lens in strangers faces) or because she thought I was in her way… it took her some time to come close to me and that made it even more threatening – I didn’t know what to do, I was acting as with a grizzly bear – stay passive! She pushed me with her crutch when she passed me and I let out a litte “sorry..?”
And this other girl, hailing a cab, smiled at me and said “Don’t bother, you shouldn’t mess with her, I’ve seen her hit with that thing”