Andrea Zalkin

On the train to a meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden, I finally had time to edit some pictures from NYC that I took this year in May – here’s some delicious pics of my friend Andrea. I remember I showed a selection from this photoshoot to the fashion photographer, Vera Varley, that I assisted at the studio in Montreal and she complained about the angle of Andrea’s elbow (which made the arm look fat or something) and the strong contrasts whit the shadows that wasn’t beneficial for a fashion shoot, “you always look better in the shadow, it makes the face more smooth” she said. I listened to her critique but at the same time I’m not a fashion photographer and I like contrasts – it may be very hard for me to look at them from another perspective, since our session was very intense. I arrived at Andrea’s place, setting up some things in her basement for the shoot while she was getting ready – we had 1 hour or so before she had to get to work and I would meet up with a couch-surfer for a tour from Staten Island. We had no good light in the basement and I had left my flash in Montreal so after some experimental shots she goes “Look at that light!!” and get me all excited when I turn around and see the sun light up the staircase outside – I have some amazing analog pics from this stair – I wasn’t as pleased with these digital shots but Andrea was so in it and hooked me on that flow that we got all worked up. She made so much love to that camera that it almost felt like intruding on an intimate moment haha! Her friend Eli came by just as we were firing off in the stairs and like two crazy bitches we went “Don’t disturb us right now!!” – The day before me and Eli had had an epic day, walking all around Manhattan talking sincerly about our lives and families, he was eager to continue that conversation but I snapped him off “Now is not a good moment, can’t u see what’s going down here!!” I said all excited – he got the message and stepped away to have a cigarette while we continued. Until the door slammed shut… F U C K !! The key!! My camera! Andrea’s phone! My stuff! And the front door was also closed, what were we gonna do?!! And then Eli came in handy – after a little frustration and panic attacks he managed to get the door open with a little card-trick… <3 thank u man.

That officially ended the photo shoot, maybe for the best, otherwise we could have continued for hours, until absorbed by the camera (!!)

These pics are gorgeous with a messy edge – just the way I like it, the honest beauty.

Moments and just nice, pretty things – 1.Fuck me, sorry for taking your picture

(snapshot from what eventually be part of “Trippin in NYC)

The moment when this old lady comes at me with her crutch “Fuck u, fuck u, FUCK U” – either because I was holding a camera (although I wasn’t filming her or taking pictures at the moment – I’m a sneaky photographer but I won’t put the lens in strangers faces) or because she thought I was in her way… it took her some time to come close to me and that made it even more threatening – I didn’t know what to do, I was acting as with a grizzly bear – stay passive! She pushed me with her crutch when she passed me and I let out a litte “sorry..?”
And this other girl, hailing a cab, smiled at me and said “Don’t bother, you shouldn’t mess with her, I’ve seen her hit with that thing”