En ö i staden – Runmarö

Foton från Svängens pizza-kväll 27/12 2013, Runmarös krog, Stockholms skärgård.

Galleriet ligger uppe för gästerna och vännernas skull.

En del bilder kan komma att ingå i ett ganska nystartat dokumentations-projekt om ön som alltid kommer att vara mitt hem och fasta punkt i livet, trots att jag är ett “frat”.

Runmarös knutpunkt Svängen har drivits som krog sedan 2012, för mer info se Facebook

Winter is coming

and I don’t mind!

20131025_YH HuvudskärDalarö_0793

Strangely enough winter is coming with new inspiration – usually I would start to go under earth preparing for 6 months of darkness, planning my next trip to have something to look forward to and survive the depressing weather. Maybe it’s because autumn has taken an unexpected turn with unusually warm weather and it almost feels like spring in the air, sun is shining and the birds are voicing their “drill, drill, drill” a bit louder. Maybe it’s just that the seasonal change, as change always does, gives me new ideas.

The other day I was at my friend’s new place, chatting with her roomie while she was slowly waking up from a late hungover and gradually returning to life. When she had done so, I just said “I’m back”, she instantly knew what I was referring to ( a conversation we’d had 2 months ago), that’s what I love about her. “Good” she said “I’ve missed you”.


Not the same friend. But will you look at the creepy photo-bomber? ;)

This summer I slightly changed my direction in life as I choose to become a captain! The decision came almost as a surprise even for me and for a few weeks I felt a bit disappointed in myself – Did I give up on my dream to work as a photographer?
My confusion has taken its toll on the blog (naturally I can’t find any joy in taking pictures without inspiration) so here’s some random pictures from the lasts months reflecting my happiness of having my inspiration back and some that just makes me look forward to the winter.

My photos helped me to remember just how easy it is to be happy, with all these amazing people around me!

Hope that my happy thoughts can make you smile!

It’s healthy to accept your ups and downs. I think people in general are too afraid to feel sad and to show others that everything isn’t always a success. Getting back up to the surface after feeling down makes you appreciate the small stuff more.


Photo: Pablo Cordoba

This year winter is beginning like spring. Optimistic and full of adventures.

We got caught in paradise… Cabo Polonio y el Viejo Lobo

The “first time”

His first snowfall from Kiki Beije on Vimeo.

My nightly project this week has been to upload the clips I filmed during the subway-sightseeing I did with my friend James(from Australia) the first sunday of the year – it ended up being quite a lot of material on an already smashed harddrive and it keeps telling me there’s no more space, what happened with “finns det hjärterum…”

So, for now I’ll let you enjoy just this clip when I got to be in on someone else’s “first time” with something that for me is so natural – from now on I think of James every time the snow falls (lately, that has been a lot in Stockhom, yesterday we had -20) and that everyone would be so much happier if we’d apply a little more of a 4year olds naivety in everything we see!


God Jul

In the cold and windy streets of Stockholm I hurried out with my best friend yesterday, to take a portrait of her before I started my shift at the coffee-shop in old town. It would be a Christmas present for her grandparents. First she was posing as for a business photo and just when my hands were all frozen I took that “just one quick one more” and then I got that look that is so special for her, where you drown into her beautiful, blue eyes. Even though I’m the one who’ve taken the photo I have a hard time not to freeze in front of the screen and drown, it’s as if I realize how much I love Sandra when I look at this photo – coz I can’t think of anything more beautiful.


Merry X-mas to y’all!

Oh Lady Moe

I just got off the bus, quite tired after nonstop work the last month. Walking the few blocks to the apartment I’m renting from a friend, thinking that it must be this neighbourhood that have got me feel so lonely this autumn. I’m a person that is extremely sensitive to my environment, I can be happy, walk into a room with sulky walls ans suddenly turn gloomy. This neighborhood is inhabited by old ladies with expensive furs and small dogs, lonely old ladies and families with parents working for corporate businesses – I know it is to generalize, I live here too right, but these are at least the only people I see. That’s why I was extra super-happy to bump into Moa this night, walking here, feeling this isn’t my place and for the first time feeling I met a friend in the street! Although we don’t even know each other.

It was last Friday we met. i had been running around across town from one photo-job to the other, spending 5-15min at each place to try to get a good picture for the weekends paper. I hadn’t had time to talk much to the reporter about the job and was expecting an older, eccentric woman, writing children’s books. Instead I walked into a person full of colors, in an apartment full of colors and a woman, who looked like a young girl but with the calm of an old woman.

Finally! I felt I had inspiration again. So many jobs these weeks that I’ve completed without feeling satisfaction and without finding any good angles, the times I’ve even have had time to put some heart intoe it I’ve just felt I’ve wanted to run away from there as fast as I’ve got a picture that “work” coz I haven’t had any ideas or visions of how to make it better.

Lady Moe, as she calls her self, artist, writer and illustrator let me into her bubble of creativity and I felt like I wanted to stay there forever. It was like being let into a fairytale of Astrid Lindgren and suddenly the autumn didn’t feel that bad. I shot pictures of her while the reporter was interviewing, some times interrupting and catching the last rays of light before the sun would go down outside the window. When we were done, we hugged like friends and I think both the reporter and I felt like we wanted to linger in the hallway, staying just a few more minutes in that warmth.

Walking home I felt enlightened and strengthened – these people actually exist, Moa’s lifestyle and her apartment was so different to everything else I’ve seen here at Östermalm. She had kids to support but didn’t seem to care about making a lot of money, and at the same time not having money trouble – her paintings she would sell for almost what her canvases cost her since she wanted them to make people happy, that was their purpose. I can’t see any better environment for a kid to grow up in.

I’ve been thinking of Moa the last week and thinking “oh, how I would like to be friends with her”. And so, as an ending to a tired weekend, she appears in the street, just outside the bakery that always radiates with all kinds of irresistible smells. She was smiling from 4 m away but I didn’t recognize her until up close, since she wore a hat and a dark coat. “Heey” she greated me like any friend (almost made me forget where I knew her from, or rather didn’t knew her)  and gave me a big hug, she thanked me for the pictures and I talked a bit about my work, just before going separate ways I felt like that moment when you wish to ask someone out but you don’t know if that person is single and maybe is just being nice to be nice – but since I had her card and she wanted to see my portfolio I told her I would email her. And I will. Right now! (after posting these pictures)

To let Lady Moe inspire you too, look here: http://ladymoe.se/

Thank you for giving my creativity back ;)

Moments and just nice, pretty things – 1.Fuck me, sorry for taking your picture

(snapshot from what eventually be part of “Trippin in NYC)

The moment when this old lady comes at me with her crutch “Fuck u, fuck u, FUCK U” – either because I was holding a camera (although I wasn’t filming her or taking pictures at the moment – I’m a sneaky photographer but I won’t put the lens in strangers faces) or because she thought I was in her way… it took her some time to come close to me and that made it even more threatening – I didn’t know what to do, I was acting as with a grizzly bear – stay passive! She pushed me with her crutch when she passed me and I let out a litte “sorry..?”
And this other girl, hailing a cab, smiled at me and said “Don’t bother, you shouldn’t mess with her, I’ve seen her hit with that thing”