Winter is coming

and I don’t mind!

20131025_YH HuvudskärDalarö_0793

Strangely enough winter is coming with new inspiration – usually I would start to go under earth preparing for 6 months of darkness, planning my next trip to have something to look forward to and survive the depressing weather. Maybe it’s because autumn has taken an unexpected turn with unusually warm weather and it almost feels like spring in the air, sun is shining and the birds are voicing their “drill, drill, drill” a bit louder. Maybe it’s just that the seasonal change, as change always does, gives me new ideas.

The other day I was at my friend’s new place, chatting with her roomie while she was slowly waking up from a late hungover and gradually returning to life. When she had done so, I just said “I’m back”, she instantly knew what I was referring to ( a conversation we’d had 2 months ago), that’s what I love about her. “Good” she said “I’ve missed you”.


Not the same friend. But will you look at the creepy photo-bomber? ;)

This summer I slightly changed my direction in life as I choose to become a captain! The decision came almost as a surprise even for me and for a few weeks I felt a bit disappointed in myself – Did I give up on my dream to work as a photographer?
My confusion has taken its toll on the blog (naturally I can’t find any joy in taking pictures without inspiration) so here’s some random pictures from the lasts months reflecting my happiness of having my inspiration back and some that just makes me look forward to the winter.

My photos helped me to remember just how easy it is to be happy, with all these amazing people around me!

Hope that my happy thoughts can make you smile!

It’s healthy to accept your ups and downs. I think people in general are too afraid to feel sad and to show others that everything isn’t always a success. Getting back up to the surface after feeling down makes you appreciate the small stuff more.


Photo: Pablo Cordoba

This year winter is beginning like spring. Optimistic and full of adventures.

3 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. Dysterhet behöver motas iväg.
    Det finns många sätt.
    Här ett exempel ur min vardag som lärare:

    Jag hade en klass med gymnasieelever.
    En period var dysterheten i klassrummet så påtaglig att det nästan gick att ta på den.
    Nästan alla satt och hängde med huvudena.
    När jag sökte efter orsaken visade det sig att en av killarna pratat om att ta sitt liv.
    Klasskamraterna påverkades. Förstås.
    Jag skickade honom till skolans psykolog.
    Då blev det ännu värre.
    Läget var akut.

    Så tog jag en rövare.
    Medan eleverna satt böjda över sin första uppgift för dagen,
    klädde jag på mig clownnäsan jag haft i fickan.
    Och gick runt som vanligt och kommenterade deras arbeten.
    Den första som la märke till näsan, var killen som grubblade över sin existens.
    För första gången på ett halvår, såg jag ett återhållet leende på hans läppar.
    Och den ene efter den andra började skina upp.
    Alla förstod.
    Resten av gymnasietiden mådde klassen bra.
    Vi fokuserade på det roliga.
    Så enkelt kan det vara, ibland.


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