Crazy times

It’s finally spring in Stockholm. Or is it summer?

It’s been a loong, looong winter for Sweden. I have had the luxury to spend a summer in February-March in Uruguay. When I came back the last of March I thought I’d return just in time for spring, but I was wrong.

April have pasted by with sunny days but cold weather. The returning light tells you that it’s spring but the nature tells you differently, people get confused, animals act strange.

The traffic in Stockholm is crazy, the whole city is under construction at the same time that everyone one are eager to get out in the sun. People want everyithing to be done NOW. At the coffeshop the guests want their café latte to be served even before they’ve had time to place their order. In the street people walk directly out in the traffic “What, I need to cross the street?”. The traffic lights show red, one person start walking, looking down in his smartphone and everyone else follows – if one cross the street it has to mean it’s green light, right?

The last week I think I’ve seen 1-5 people almost getting run over without noticing it.

I thought I was the confused one, coming home from a long trip, the first weeks back home I kept on wondering “what’s wrong with people?” before I realized that the winter have just been toooo long for swedes to handle..

Spring is crazy, the weather is crazy, people are crazy – the only thing that is normal are the students. They are just as crazy as always.

20130506_1077 Crazy Japaneese people taking pictures of japaneese flowers in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.

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