Time travel

After 2 days traveling I finally arrived in Montevideo – it´s already hard to write in english, although I don´t speak spanish very well I think in spanish in my own way =P the grammar is now so confused with english, swedish and spanish so this post I will let the pictures do the talking… It´s feels like a timetravel, passing thru London, sleeping at my friend Rachael´s place, taking the Victoria lina all the way to the endstation WEalthamstow in the middle of the night this monday. Getting up at 5.30 and walking the surburbian streets of London with the salesmen opening their fruit markets. Arriving in Barajas at 13.40 and finally getting into Madrid at 16 to see my old college from the coffeeshop, Agnes, who ran up to her office to make me a coffe in a tiny keepcup – walking into Parque Retiro where I walk the last time with Sara in 2008. Passing by the places in Madrid where I met James for the first time, really brought back old memories… Sat down at a café in el barrio Malasaña and then met up with Agnes to eat something and having a beer before I went back to the aiport.

Leaving Stockholm with -2 degrees, snow and ice – passing by London with +10 and rain, getting out of the metro in madrid with spring weather ca 18degrees and then sleeping thru the 12hour flight to Montevideo – I was lucky to have the seat between a nice argentinian girl and a exiled Uruguayan (who lived in barcelona) that gave me his tube of Voltaren para mi cuello! And then, believe it or not… I recognized the guy next to the man… when I got up before arriving in Montevideo I asked him and yes – it was Sebbe Staxx who´s a musician in the Swedish group Kartellen, I recognized him since I took his portrait for the local newspaper Arsta/Enskede this autumn!! Incredible, that not only do we sit on the same airplan sino tambien en la misma fila!! He was going to visit a friend, another musician, who´s in prison here in Uruguay – apparently they had got permision to film a music video dentro el prision…

Arriving in Montevideo I just called my aunt and took a taxi to their house, and here I am, as if 3 years never passed by…!! The only thing that makes me realize how mush time has passed is to see my godson Mateo – he´s the son of one of the persons I interviewed for my reportage “Children of the dictatorship”  and who became a very dear friend… Mateo was first shy but then when he realized who I was he called me “tia Kiki” = aunt Kiki !!

OK, sorry for this messy post, it´s all just to emocional right now! Tonight I´m going 9hours  north, to my hostfamily in Artigas, to celebrate carnaval and my 23rd birthday… Have patience with me ;) there´s much things in movement right now…

20130208_7312 20130208_7304 20130208_7302 20130208_7301 20130208_7296 20130207_7149 20130206_7157 20130205_7211 20130205_7209 20130205_7202 20130205_7197 20130205_7194 20130205_7191 20130205_7189 20130205_7175 20130205_7163 20130205_7160 20130203_6936 20130203_6926 20130131_7227

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