If it’s gonna be winter better be real winter

Tuesday night I took a walk from work together with a brasilian guy who had come in to the coffeeshop last week and I told him I’d show him my favorite place in Sthlm –

We passed by the construction fo the new tubeline under the lake – citybanan. Thought I’d go see if one of my locals was working, a guy from England who’s thought me how they build these things (putting down pipes and then sucking out the water), but it was too cold to stop longer than it took to take a pic.


the walk took us to Skinnaviksbergen, it was too cold to photograph properly, I snapped one of Norrmälarstrand in -15ish at 21h.


Walter asked me if you’d be able to walk on the lake soon. I believe I said, give it 3days more of this cold…

Today, friday, on my way to work…

20130125_6690 20130125_671820130125_ikeaspanjor 20130125_boj20130125_vinterbåt

And then they build icebergs with the snow from the rest of the city…

20130125_dump  20130125_snölast

Don’t think I’ll want to swim in Riddarfjärden this summer…

I also played tourist – asking a spanish couple (the ones with the IKEA-bag) to take a photo of me at Mälarpaviljongen, a bar I sat at dipping my toes this summer…


That’s what I love about Sweden, the changes of seasons. In everything else we’re very “lagom”, in the middle section – but when it’s winter it better be real winter, -10 with glistering snow and a clear sky as a cure for the darkness.

5 thoughts on “If it’s gonna be winter better be real winter

  1. hahah really great!
    You can present the weather forecast already at tv.
    Btw, nice photos, but where are the other 30 that you took? lol

    • I was a messy photographer, I think most turn messy at -13 and without gloves :P I took 30 and 2 turned out good ;) you have to be selective too, if I’d post all the bad ones the good one would disappear in the quantity…

  2. Nattmörkret framhäver och gömmer:
    Isigt gnister – varma rum – vem där?
    Dagsljuset avslöjar och berättar:
    Skitig is- nedfall – och någon lämnar spår.
    Inramningen förstärker bildens budskap.
    Vinterhalsduk och sommararmband.
    Ramar in, framhäver och berättar.

  3. Tack för fina vinterbilder och skiftena mellan vinter och sommar. Det är det som gör att vi härdar ut i mörkret …… för sedan kommer ju ljuuuuset!!!!!!
    Härligt Kiki!

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