The “first time”

His first snowfall from Kiki Beije on Vimeo.

My nightly project this week has been to upload the clips I filmed during the subway-sightseeing I did with my friend James(from Australia) the first sunday of the year – it ended up being quite a lot of material on an already smashed harddrive and it keeps telling me there’s no more space, what happened with “finns det hjärterum…”

So, for now I’ll let you enjoy just this clip when I got to be in on someone else’s “first time” with something that for me is so natural – from now on I think of James every time the snow falls (lately, that has been a lot in Stockhom, yesterday we had -20) and that everyone would be so much happier if we’d apply a little more of a 4year olds naivety in everything we see!


One thought on “The “first time”

  1. I loved the film! I is special to see someone that never has met a snowfall, that for us is just something that we have always experienced, every winter. I wish that James would have been able to enjoy one of those lovely snowfalls, when big flakes slowly floats down from the sky and ends on your nose to melt by the heat from your skin.
    Nice picture of you two!

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