My dear friend Manuel came to visit me last month – I’ve been to tired to edit them due to all the time I spend fixing in Ps at work, but here they finally are, enjoy.

A Berliner portrayed on a cliff in the archipelago of Stockholm.

It’d be fun to list all my pictures with Manuel from the last 5-6 years – since we got to know each other as exchange students in Uruguay we’ve met once back there, trice in Berlin and now finally in Stockholm. We’ve had some wierd adventures together and wild conversations, the first one starting in La Paloma back in 2007… It’s about time I go back to wonderful Berlin <3

He asked me to take theese pics for his album, here you can listen to his wonderful voice:

2 thoughts on “Manuel

  1. Vilka härliga bilder med Manuel på Runmarö! De passar nog fint på ett album med Manuel. Han har en fin röst! Vill höra mer så småningom!
    Ha det skönt på Runmarö i helgen!
    Hälsar Mams

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