Killerball live at Götgatan

Yesterday I had been megalaxing in Järna outside of Stockholm, one of my childhood friends lives there and is now pregnant so I found the time to visit her and catch up and photograph her huge bellyyyy… In the evening I returned to the city – picked up sushi at Södermalm’s most popular whole in the wall “Akkis”. Found my way to a friend’s place close by and sat at her balcony eating my late dinner while she was packing for the reggae-festival Öland Roots. I finished my dinner and decided to walk a few blocks before taking the metro home. Coming in to Götgatan I started hearing music and then I saw a big crowd around these guys….

They call themselves “Killerball” – Mördardboll på svenska. They were playing covers and some of their own songs and completely rocking the crowd that sat down around them. This is a phenomena that only can happen in summertime, vacationtime and I was happy to be part of it – people enjoying the life of the streets. It was 10 pm and the sun was going down, I stayed and listened to them for half an hour, went to the ATM for cash and bought their CD for 50sek, good money for a great live concert – although it was totally different to listen to their CD at home than seeing them live, of course! I was sad to have my dear PowerShot s95 at the clinic for damaged lenses and couldn’t film their performance…

Support these brilliant guys by going in to facebook and give them those damn 5,000 likes they need to get signed by the record company!!

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