Precious London

I would almost not need to write anything to this picture – those that have read or heard the stories I’ve shared the last weeks can understand why this picture was so right right  now ;)

But at least I can sum up what happened before and after this pic:

After a few hectic work days, not eating or sleeping properly – too exited by the long summer days of Stockholm (1 or 2 hours of full darkness each night) I’m off on an airplane again, this time to London – a trip I hade booked while in Canada, thinking I would have plenty of time back in Sthlm etc etc, not important, anyways I’m actually here for a Capoeira workshop this weekend but I planned some extra days here to visit my friend Rachael at the same time.

Before this picture: landing on Gatewick, feeling in control and starting to get too used to Airports to ever feel worried. I come to the passport control and can’t find my passport.

I put a whole operation in motion to try to contact the aircraft, coz I’m sure I had it in my lap and lost it at the plane, and trying to prove my identity but am too confused that I also can’t  rabble my birth date when the man asks me and so on and so on – eventually when I sit down to wait for them to handle my matter, I find my passport, neatly folded with my boarding pass in my bag, where I first looked…

After this picture I jump on the wrong bus, when Rachael thinks I’m at another place than I’m actually at, so I end up going sightseeing on the dubbeldecker, which I didn’t mind though – as the picture says: life is either an adventure or nothing…

One day in London and I already have a lot of stories – it’s like NYC all over again, but I realise it doesn’t matter in which city or what country you’re in, when you get into the middle of a big mix of people and just keep your mind open, strange things starts to happen…

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