Earth day

I had invited my dear friends Jean-François, Sophie, Marie-Ève and Mike over for brunch – there was a lot of fruits, I had made crêpes on whole-wheat flower (healthy), great coffee, bagels, cheese, maple-syrup and maple-syrup marinaded ham! A great brunch with a lot of talk about boats, couldn’t be better! Jeff, who’s been to Stockholm, was fascinated about how everyone he met in Stockholm had some connection to or had worked on a boat (I explained that it could have something to do with that he just met Kalle’s friends and people from the archipelago… but it’s probably true that boat-life is more common in Stockholm than in Montreal, I mean, what is a river compared to the sea?).

Today it was Earth day – I don’t know if it’s an international day or just here in Canada but on the streets downtown Montreal around 300.000 people had gathered to protest against several causes or just to parade and be part of the tree- yeah, obviously people were directed to streets that would eventually form a tree from above. If most of the people in the march was aware of this I don’t know… There were the regular students protest about the increasing fees and others roaming against the natural gas industry that is slowly growing around the province. Clearly, the student strike has had influence on all Quebecois,people from the whole province came into town to participate in the march and to express their complaints  – Read more here

We thought there was enough bark on the tree and left the crowd to visit a gallery close by on rue Saint Catherine – Under Pressure, Fresh Paint gallery. It had been the office of Montreal’s first newspaper and now the building is owned by an skate-veteran that is running it as a non-commercial art gallery for street art and graphic design, it reminded me a lot about Berlin and Tacheless.

As I started the weekend I will now also end it – with The Godfather and a glass of wine!

3 thoughts on “Earth day

  1. …och så ditt extremt känsliga sinne för porträtt:
    Kvinnan som slagit sig ner mitt i folkvimlet, för en cigg, hundkontakt och en mikropaus .
    Heja Kiki!

  2. Häftiga Bilder igen! Härlig med konstgalleriet, liknar verkligen känslan från Berlin. ….och vilken brunch!!!!!
    Sedan passar du ju fint in i bilden med den attackerande tvättbjörnen.
    Ha det fortsatt fint!
    Tack för att vi får vara med i Montreal!
    När drar du till NY?
    Puss o kram! Mams

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