Montreal from above

What I’ve been doing the last days is this:

Riding up to Mont Royal with Caro to see the view of Montreal – gorgeous:

Friday was grey and booring and I was just text-comforting Caro, who was just as lazy, untill she came up with the genius idea to go horseback riding!  So we jumped in the car and drove (she not me) to the country where we mounted two sweet little horseees and went riding western style in the forest with our guide for an hour… we were totally cold afterwards (I didnt have any suitable clothes so I just had my tiger-jacket) bt it was totally worth it! And we finished off with a huge, greasy, greek food at Marven’s (I still have a doggy-bag of fried squid in the fridge but just the thought of it makes me nauseas so I’m considering throwing it out…) and The Godfather at Jeff’s place!

I also had an unpleasant surprise – ants have taken over my kitchen! I had a stare-down with one of them today when I was preparing my lunch…

He seems to be the only one left, the other guys bailed on him – so i let him be, although I almost lost it when he appeared on my computer screen a while ago, but don’t worry I just blew him away and I haven’t killed him… yet!

I call him Lukas.

4 thoughts on “Montreal from above

  1. Just hemkommen efter några veckor i Tokyo fortsätter jag att följa ditt nya liv, som du så generöst bjuder oss på.

    I hjärtat fastnar i synnerhet dina kolossalt vackra fabriksbilder, dina många nattbilder och då främst den svartvita (21/4) och förstås din nya kompis “Lukas”.
    Önskar dig ett fortsatt innehållsrikt liv däröver!

    • Låter jättehärligt =) hoppas jag också kommer få uppleva Tokyo snart! Tack – det känns bra att veta att ni har koll på mig ;) saknar er där hemma, ses snart! Puss puss

  2. Ja Kiki: Tokyo, denna gigantiska stad som har allt. Fult/vackert/stort/litet/kulturellt/öppetdygnetom/traditionellt/ modernt/charm/vänligt/ärligt m.m. – och verkligen värt ett besök. Men stan du valt för dagen ligger inte långt efter, vad jag kan se. Puss, puss!

  3. Mont Royal has got some stunning night views! Sometimes it gets a little annoying with the drinkers and loud music in the summertime though. But other than that it’s a great spot!

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