Industrial walk

Last week I started planning an eventual workshop that Alesya and Vera (the two main photographers at La V photo) wanted to arrange in Stockholm, since they anyways are going to Russia for the same reason they wanted to “throw” it in the same trip.. I got in contact with some studios and it seemed like a plan – on one hand it stressed me out a bit, since I havn’t arranged something like that before and I felt a pressure to succeed in finding participants to make it worth their trip… on the other hand it felt exciting and something that could give me a lot of good contacts – but now it seems like the plan is on hold because it seems to be a long process for Vera to get a visa because she has to renew her passport (if you get another citizenship outside of Russia you apparently loose your Russian citizenship).

In lack of things to do I left the studio a bit earlier today (around 4pm), the sun was shining and I felt for taking a walk – so I walked from Place St Henri, along the channel until the harbor and old town. Along the channel is all the old industry buildings of Montreal, and as a part of my fascination for urban environments I looove industry buildings (old ones). I don’t know why, maybe it has this feeling of history and mystery just like that old, rusty can that you find in the forest and turn into your treasure, like any Pippi Longstocking-fan. So here you have some of my treasures from today…

And these ducks are just a bonus…

Btw, can you imagine that these are some of the most expensive condos in Montreal…?! :D But it must be added that they are very special, they are built like lego, one apartment is made of several cubes, every cube is one room connected with stairs… quite cool… and with view over – well, the harbor but also – the old town and down town Montreal…

7 thoughts on “Industrial walk

    • i thought so. i got to know a photography student here in berlin one of these days and he did similar stuff, he came from a more rural area and he took pictures of windmills and old factory halls and things of that nature, always trying to depict them in a way that they tell a story and thus making them beautiful (although in reality the buildings were as ugly as fuck). hay que buscarles la vuelta positiva a las cosas!

  1. Vilka häftiga bilder!!!!!!!! Jag förstår din känsla för gamla industribyggnader, fast jag har faktiskt inte sett på dem med så vackra ögon tidigare. Ha det gott tills vi hörs i morgon. Puss o kram! Mams

  2. Supersnyggt! Jag älskar verkligen såna miljöer också!! Tog en hel del såna bilder i Ryssland nu, som jag funderar på att lägga på fb…

    • Tack! Visst är de vaclra på ett fult sätt =) nä, lägg inte upp dem på fb, då kan de ju bli stulna, skapa dig ett flickr konto eller lägg upp dem på fotosidan el nåt!

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