As a start to my easter-weekend I went to the Source-spa in Rawdon with Francine and Ginette. I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the area but it was a beautiful location by the mountainside, three woodhouses with sauna’s and relaxation areas connected with small paths of stone, outside jaccuzzis, chairs and hammocks on different plateaus and everything surrounded by trees and a rippling spring! We had a wonderful day of relaxation.
When I was fresh and clean I was headed back to the city for a dinner at Marie-Ève’s place. She had invited her best friends, which are also Fanny’s best friends, and I finally got to see the faces of the persons I had heard so much about; Cynthia and Darie with their boyfriends, and there was also Sophie and Sorine, a australian guy that got very confused of our talk about “the island” (Runmarö) when we talked about Fanny and Kalle – “What is this Island?? Have you all been there?!!”
After a lot of nice talks and wine I fell sound asleep on Marie-Èves couch and woke up to a wonderful breakfast – fresh coffee and croissants from the nearby rostery and exotic fruits =) Merci!!
I went back home to get ready for capoeira class but my headache told me it was better to stay at home in the couch…
In the evening Marie-Ève, Sophie and Sorine came over to my place for a drink before we went to a club at the SAT. The place is quite new, it’s a sphere for video projections so while the dj’s were playing the crowd was surrounded with 3D animations and it was really cool although the music wasn’t first class!
My roomate Gregoir had also come home from his conference-trip and he came with us for a while – later I found him cooking when I came home, I marveled at his patience to cook food at 4pm “I’m just REALLY hungry” he told me. The neighbors where having a party, “They’re really young! They were really scared when I came over to ask for a light” he told me, they were not much younger than me “But they’re really, really young, in their MINDS” he said… I went out to talk to them – assured one of them that Greg wasn’t my boyfriend but neither gay – and I got what he meant…

The weekend finished with my first photoshoot together with a photographer at La V photo studio. It was a private session, a package that the client pay for make-up, 2hours of photo shoot and printed photos. The photographer, Alesya Kornetskaya, told me that the whole package is 3.000$ and just the photo shoot and pictures on DVD is 500$. Even if it was a regular photo shoot it was interesting to see how she worked and I help her by holding a reflector screen during the shoots with natural light.

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