Trying out the Montrealian cuisine

This week has been – excluding my never ending searching for photographers – a week of lazinessss, food and late nights… not so much party nights as some bar nights and others late work and reading (I tend to tell myself that I will just upload a photo or fix ONE thing, and well, you know… I end up sitting editing a new portfolio). This weeks pictures are a review of Montreals food and streets, what I’ve eaten and where I’ve walked ;D.

Jeff and Caro took me to Sunday brunch today, the best eeeever, at the restaurant Lawrence. It’s so popular that there’s always people waiting, but the ones standing in line will be disappointed because as soon as a table is ready there’s someone being called in from the LIST. Jeff had put us on that list, the waiter told us it would be 45min and while waiting Jeff took us to try out the two best bagel-bakerys in Montreal! 50min later we were back and just in time for the call that our table was ready ^^mmmmmm.. and then Jeff payed for all the party, thank you J!I’m so glad that I’ve got to know some of Fanny’s friends here, you’re great!

Now I’m loading for a new week and hope it will bring me any luck in finding a photographer willing to take me on! Tonight I found the homepages of these two talented photographers:

Vera Varley

Irene Suchocki

PS.And yeah, do I need to say – Mike also fell in love with my corean-tiger-jacket-borrowedfrommymum(justaseverythingelse I’ve worn out)

4 thoughts on “Trying out the Montrealian cuisine

  1. Hej Kiki!
    Du har verkligen fångat sköna miljöer, fina stadsbilder, mat- och kompisbilder. Hoppas nu att du hittar några fotografer som du kan få “hänga med” så resan blir det du hoppats på………för ytterligare kreativ stimulans.
    Stor kram från Mams och Johan
    …….som just kommit hem efter en 24-timmars “hemresa” p g a fransk flygledarstrejk.

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