Moody Wednesday

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I think that people that knows me would not say that I’m a moody person, bit I AM, at least so I’ve realized… or maybe it’s the workoholic in me that is nagging against my brain. These too last days I’ve walked around in the apartment and berated myself for not arranged more with getting a trainee-ship before coming here, the next minute I’ve told myself that I’m the only one to decide what I must do here and what I’ll do with my time. I mean I’ve had a really nice and relaxing time these days. Somtimes I fall back into feeling that I have to do something important… but when I think about the weeks I have ahead of me, meeting new people, training or not I’ll go back to Sthlm with new inspiration and I also have a week in NYC to look forward to, a lot better than if I’d stayed in Sthlm just continuing working – I smile, pleased!

Today started with snow, continued with hail and now it’s raining so I havn’t felt much for going out. Instead I’ve been sitting infront the computer and actually it seemed to the best thing to do, because now I have two other contact for possible traniee-ship! I guess it’s time to leave behind the stupid notion that I’m no good if I’m not working all the time!

Although I’m ready to sell my labour to a coffeeshop with just coffee as payment… since I don’t have a working holiday visa, and my fingers are itching to make some coffee… ;)

I leave you a few pictures from the bar Dieu du Ciel, a micro-brewery where I went with Marie-éve and her friend Julie yesterday…

2 thoughts on “Moody Wednesday

  1. Oroa dig inte Gumman! Du får nya erfarenheter oavsett vilka…..så njut vidare. Ps. Kan jag möjligen fixa ett “working holiday visa” här hemifrån tror du? Ds./Mams

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