An evening with Marie-Éve

So I met up Marie-Éve and her friend Sophie for a drink. We went to Big In Japan, a french/japaneese bar. Very chique, trendy, cool place – reminded me much of any trendy Södermalm-bar  in Sthlm with very goodlooking people and bartenders with mustaches and big glasses.

Chique bartender

Marie-Éve and Sophie

I tried my first Saké, with a bit coconut-flavor… it wasn’t really my favorite…

And then we went to Laïka, a place where a lot of designer-peeps hang out, to have a real beer. Sophie saw a guy she recognized from work, Marie-Éve showed me a nice video he had made…

Sophie also had good contacts for me to look for trainee-ship and I found a new usage for my old passport! She gave me the names of two agents, on at Rodeo Production and the other at Lise Madore.

That night I crashed at Marie-Éve’s couch and in the mornin we went to her corner café, a little rostery with really nice, fresh croissants and good coffee ^^mmm!

Today I moved into the apartment on Rue Bordeaux! Francine made me a lunch-box from the dinner we ate yesterday (She’s soo cute!) and I shared it with my new room-mate Gregory, who had just come back from a weekend skiing with blind kids.

After a very annoying phone call to the Canadian immigration office I now know that I can’t apply for a working holiday visa now that I’m already in the country (what’s that about??!) so I REALLY hope that the payment I made for the application process will be refounded SOON, ah TABARNAK! (See, I learned a Quebecan swearword ^^)

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