First day in town

Already before landing in Montréal I knew I would like it, considering all the different people on the plane…

After Alan and Francine (Fanny’s parents) had picked me up from the airport we drank some coffee at their apartment just outside of Montréal city and Fanny’s father is a photographer so of course we began looking at a lot of pictures but eventually I went to bed. Francine had arranged everything very nice, she had even bought a toothbrush and toothpaste for me!

On thursday afternoon Francine and Alan brought me to Rawdon – the small town where they lived when Fanny was small. Francine’s sister, Ginette, still lives there with her husband Gill. They grilled salmon and we had a very nice dinner.F

Friday we went to the mall to fix me a chip for my cellphone… after 2h we came to the conclusion that my swedish phone didn’t work in Canada (After testing and going through the activation of 2 different sim-cards..), so I got myself an old nokia and was thrilled about being able to call Jeff, a friend of Fannys who stayed at my cottage house last summer, although later that evening, when I sat in his car he exclaimed “What is THAT sound?” when my phone rang with the “old-school” nokia-tune =D.

With a phone in my pocket I was ready to into town – I finally found Thibault’s apartment (where I will live for 5 weeks) on Maria-Anne and Rue Bordeaux! Both he and his friend were very nice, we shared a beer and then went to arrange the payment for the room. Thibault will leave for Mexico on Monday, so he gave me the key and I’ll move my stuff there on Monday afternoon – the apartment is in the center of Montréal, in the artist neighborhood, called Le Plateau.

Montréal is really different from what I imagined, I thought it was built on hills but it’s really flat, but Le Plateau is just beside a huge hill, like a big park. All the houses are just 2 floors, at least in this area, and have really cute stairs down to the street – it looks like a small town but with a lot of people in movement, I think I’ll like it here…!

Then Jeff came and picked me up in his car, we drove by his place and his girlfriend Caro jumped in – ton continue to a bar in the north of the town. We had an Okanagan (Canadian beer) and Poutine – special Canadian dish, fries covered with cheese and grill sauce, yummy! Jeff’s girlfriend was really cute, she sneezes when you tickle her nose! =D

Now it’s time to have some dessert with Francine and Alan and then I’m off into town to go out with Mari-Éve, another friend of Fanny =)

Good night to ya’ll

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2 thoughts on “First day in town

  1. Hej Gumman! Tack för bloggen. Försöker nå dig på Skype men verkar inte lyckas. Vi har bytt till sommartid, så du kanske dyker upp först om 40 minuter? Jag väntar så får jag se…….Puss så länge!

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