Take off

Yesterday I had a relaxing day at the spa together with my best friend, Sandra. We had a nice lunch, shared a bottle of wine, swam, went in the sauna, swam some more, had some more sprakling and after six hours we felt GREAT!
I went for a beer with my friend Fanny Fiola – who is the reason for why I go to Montreal =) – we celebrated her birthday and she gave me a gift to bring for her mother.
Today I woke up at 6 and my mother’s boyfriend were kind to drive me to the airport outside of Stockholm. It was a very smoth check in, since I had prepared everything on internet – in a way it feels very fake to have a boarding pass printed at home and I almost wait for a security guard to check me and throw me out any minute…

It’s a wonderful day for a flight. When we took off the asian-woman beside me took a photo off the view outside. After several flight over Stockholm I didn’t feel the need to, but then I saw what she saw – sparkling lakes still covered with ice making the landscape look like a puzzle of small islands and the bright sun reflecting in the lakes like mirrors. This IS exotic I thought, I just wish I could bring my host sisters from Uruguay here, and to see Sweden through their eyes, that would be great…

Now I’m sitting at Shiphol Airport in Amsterdam and it’s 2 hours untill it’s time to board the flight to Montreal… at least they have the nicest waiting lounge here.

6 thoughts on “Take off

  1. Happy landing Kiki!
    I will enjoy following your 8 weeks over there.
    The very first day of the rest of your
    photo life I want to wish you GOOD LUCK!/ Carin

  2. Hej Gumman!
    Vilken härlig start på din Montreal-vistelse!!!!…och 25 grader varmt redan. Jag förstår att det var vackert med glittrande isar från flygplanet, så se till att också Cami kan följa din resa.
    Johan hälsar också. Stor kram och hälsa till The Fiolas.
    Mams i Stockholm

  3. älskling i wish you all the best of luck for your time in montreal, j’espère que tu peux rencontrer des gens qui vont t’aider avec ton objectif. je pense à toi ma chérie!! grosses bises!!

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